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tattered princess



Name/Nicknames?: Roxie/RXe, RXe the photographess, Fae, hardcore princess
Age?: 20
Location/Anything you have to say about where you're from?: Miami/It's hot, humid... the beach is here and everyone appears to love botox for some queer reason. It's really a love/hate type of place... either you love it or hate it... or you have both feelings for it.
Sexual Preference?:Bisexual
Dating Status? (If you're dating, married, whatever, feel free to tell us about your significant other, how you met, whatever you want to add in): I'm engaged. My fiance is 20 just like me. He's a bass player for a local hardcore band. It's actually kinda gay how we met.... through livejournal, a mutual friend told him that i'd had the biggest crush on him for years but we didn't even know each other at the time... he went to my livejournal saw my icon ( <= that was it at the time) & then IMed me. Then we met in person when i came down to visit from college and that was it.


Genre/Sub-Genre of Music?: i like Hardcore, hiphop, industrial (some), punk, ska, indie, pop, emo, classical, drum and bass,
oh geez... um i'll randomize. Michelle branch, Hilary Duff, Dashboard Confessionals, The get up kids, weezer, Coheed and cambria, Glasseater, glassjaw, poison the well, atreyu, from autumn to ashes, Until the end, remembering never, britney spears, snoop doggy dog, The darkness, Reggie and the full effect, Stretch Armstrong, Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, All american Rejects, Incubus
Song? (Post lyrics if you want): i'll pick one at random...
Glasseater- Breakaway
you've disappeared
but the thoughts remain
so thick that i can grab them
why can't i forget?
why do I remain?
remain the same
etched in stone
your face remains
but soon i will break away
why can't you see me with different eyes?
why can't you love me with a different heart?

Movies?: donnie darko, NOWHERE, the last samurai, Waking Life, MEAN GiRLS, Nitemare b4 Xmas, Kill Bill Vo.1&2, Memento, Vertigo, Pulp Fiction, Requiem of a Dream, American History X, Fight Club, The Italian Job, Pirates Of the Carribean, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Virgin Suicides
TV Shows/TV Movies?: History Channel, Biography ARTS, Fabulous Life..., I love the 80's, 70's (& strikes back), American Chopper, Monster Garage
Actors/Actresses?: brad pitt, Edward Norton, Johnny Depp, Kristen Dunst, Hilary Duff
Books/Authors?: Stardust, Death, Marmalade Boy, The traveling Pants, SMACK, GO ASK ALICE, The Fuck Up, To kill a mocking bird, catcher in the rye, Harry Potter series/ Niel Gaiman
Foods?: Vegetarian. so like... pasta, rice, gumbos, humus, trail mix, fruits,
Non-Alcoholic/Alcoholic Drinks?: water, cranberry juice, koolaid, pepsi, cherry soda/sea breeze, cosmos, rainbow, straight vodka, 151, peach shnaps, coconut rum.


What are some of your hobbies/interests?: i like photography, fashion, art (traditional visual), film, motorcycles, cars, the 20's, the 50's, going to local shows, orchids, bike shows, art shows, photo manipulation
Do you smoke/drink/take drugs?: i'm an social/occasional everythinger...weed is as far as i go with drugs now a days, i've been through a lot


What would you call your style?: everything? i like to conglomerate a lot of styles that look good on me together so i dress different or look different all the time... i never get tired of how i look. Most people just call me an art kid.
What would we see you wearing on a typical day? (Pictures would be great!!): typical day? it depends... this the usual style of shirt and the bottoms vary (jean color or skirt), mary janes for shoes or sneakers

Do you wear anything that people constantly compliment you on? If so, what? (Picture if possible): my hair (i change it alot... none of the pictures posted up here now are what my hair looks like today actually.
Do you make/reconstruct your clothes?: i usually have to "fix" my shirts b/c they are my little sisters...
Where do you usually buy your clothes?: express, rampage, marshalls
Piercings? (Pictures optional):
nips (both)

tongue (10g)

My ears are stretched to 0g but i dont have any recent pix of my stone plugs.
Tattoos? (Pictures optional):
Cheshire cat

scaled to size

StrawBerry Heart

and scaled to size


What sets you apart from every other person?: i am RXe and an artist. It's just a whole different level of viewing the world
What would you say your biggest faults are?: i'm guilible, a romantic & sensitive
Your greatest traits?: my photographic & photomanipulative skills, i'm an amazing friend, can rephrase otherwise bad news into good news
How would one of your friends describe you?: she's, RXe you know just full of little idiocyncrisies and thinks tells you cute little things about yourself when you least expect it. She's like having a birthday present for yourself all the time. Really good listener, she relates to you and tries to help even if she knows she cant.
How would your parents describe you?: Oh my parents dont like me very much... i'm basically... opposite of what they tried to raise... their from central america, very... strict.
Biggest turn offs?: people that have nothing but bad karma to give out, ugly people (not just physical but like inside AND outside)
Biggest turn ons?: ART, intelligence, character
Describe yourself in 5 words: artist, bright, faeri, cute, caring

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking- I dont see anything wrong with experimentation or even rare use but when you can't stop or when you know exactly it was the last time you did anything it's just not cool for me.
Religion- It's all Faith. Whether you believe in jesus and that going to church is going to save you or that you have magical powers... it's all the same in the end... you end up decaying.
Abortion- i'm pro everything. If the woman choses not to have her child she shouldn't have to have it... no if ands or buts. A good friend of mine was talked into getting married after she found out she was pregnant (because they refused for her to have an abortion or to have people say she had a child out of wedlock). Horribly enough she was anorexic throughout most of her pregnancy and the child was born with a deformed arm joint so she can't turn her right arm like normal humans. Since then my friend has had to go through a horrendous divorce and her child has had and probably suffer throughout her life more pain and trauma than if her mother had just chosen to end it all before she could begin to live. I believe it is ultimately the bringer of life that should choose if the person she is going to bring into the world will suffer more than if it were to just not exist and have to endure an unhealthy upbringing and adult life (sorry about the rant there but i'm like REALLY pro choice on this issue... too many friends, too many decisions)
Our Government- i dont do politics... but america sux and it's going down hill quickly... i love this freedom of most things and all but honestly... it sux
Labels- human nature to put labels on EVERYTHING... why? because you can't really explain anything.
Individualism- whenever you try to not look like everyone you look like someone else.
Same-Sex Marriages/Relationships- you find someone you love and they love you back? the relationship is good? the sex is awesome? no looking for other places to full fill your needs? MARRY THEM... It doesn't matter what the persons sex is... if it's meant to be it should be.
Racism/Sexism- Ignorance and intolerance... it disgusts me.

How did you find us? If someone referred you, who?: i found it looking through a bunch of fashion/eyeshadow/makeup communities
Why should we accept you?: because i have this conspiracy theory i'd like you all to prove me wrong about... every time i apply for a community i get rejected... it's livejournal... they only let me into art and music communities.
Would you vote 'yes' or 'no' because everyone else was?: No that's just ridiculous. I normally hate everyone but if it came down to voting i really like to know the person and i like to read so that would ultimately base my decision not a bunch of no's when i think yes (or vise versa)


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